Agora Octave enables rapid collaboration and code‑sharing for users of GNU Octave.

Browse code submissions

Some copy about how you can browse through the code until you find what you want. They can be snippets or bundles. You can contribute your own changes, maybe. You can even install them as octave packages. More text to fill up line.

Post a snippet

Just want to post a quick snippet of code? Do it in the pastebin. You don't even have to be registered. Though we'd need some sort of spam-protection measures in that case. Plus, syntax highlighting!

Share your code

For larger pieces of code, we have bundles. Mercurial integration, select a license. Sharing made easy. Forge for installing packages, eventually. Some more text just to fill up the space. Lorem ipsum, etc. You do have to be signed up to upload something, though.


You can sign up, if you want, won't share your email, not required, etc